Brass Bum Brooch - Freya Alder

Brass Bum Brooch - Freya Alder

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One-off untreated brass bum pin hand pierced from sheet brass by Freya Alder, a designer and jeweller based in Glasgow. Each pin is pierced without a stencil so is a completely unique little work of art. 

This work originally sprang from Freya’s love of illustrating the human form. She enjoys the way that so few lines so quickly represent a person and a character within that person. She wants her work to have a humour and an informality that isn't often afforded to the subject of the naked women or indeed the discipline of jewellery.


Size: 30mm x 25mm

Material: Untreated brass

Care: To clean use a hot salty vinegar solution or Brasso

Note: Every piece is hand made and therefore may vary slightly from image

Made in Glasgow, Scotland.

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